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Misc bits! Squire Wagon trim 66-67 SB-C6 AM Radio

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Misc bits! Squire Wagon trim 66-67 SB-C6 AM Radio

Have a LARGE box with left over squire trim for a 66-67 wagon. I have the rear quarters, 3 doors, gas door trim, and maybe one front fender. Drop me a note and I will dig up pictures if you are interested! I do not have the dots.... Sad

66-67 AM radio- I believe the radio works, but the plastic gears are stripped. I just set the limits at either end using the buttons, and then tuned buy pushing the buttons real easy to swing the tuner left or right. $10

67 500 Grill emblem surround- very good driver chrome. Plastic is gone. $35

Small block Ford C6 trans. My guess is from a van.....but came to me with a collection of Talladega parts.

69 Rear deck lid- fastback $500 Near perfect, one ding to speak of. No rust what so ever, from CJ Torino. has FORD letters and a tweeked trim piece....got stuck in a door when it was off of the decklid... Will box to ship, you pay for wood. Can ship via Greyhound I hope.....! Will need to verify size....

69 Grill center from CJ car, or Talladega. Very good condition $100.

69-70 Big Block 4 speed (Mustang/Cougar short style big in/big out.) Needs Brass $1000.

351C steel flywheel for 11" clutch with Centerforce pressure plate and disc. $75

Contact me via board here or email me. (I'll double check my settings....make sure you can do that.


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