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Any gardeners in here?

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Joined: 09 Mar 2006
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Location: Mississippi
Any gardeners in here?

How are your' gardens doing this year? We're going through a bit of a dry spell in Mississippi. This is my first year to garden, and I'm really enjoying it even though I'm learning along the way.

Got a tomato plant question. I planted late, and most of my tomato plants are around 2 foot tall. But I have this one freak plant that is 6 foot tall now. It has two tomatoes on it about the size of tennis balls. They haven't grown anymore or changed colors in almost 3 weeks, it's like they're on pause. The plant has quite a few yellow blooms on it during that same time, yet none have made more tomatoes. I water them daily, which I know isn't as good as rainwater.

Would it hurt that plant if I pruned it alittle? I'm thinking the plant size may be keeping the tomatoes from progressing. Would it hurt if I cut the top 2 foot off the plant, or some of the branches?
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Post Fri Jun 25, 2010 2:13 pm 
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big Tomatos

Take all the suckers off, that is, at the point where a branch comes off the main stem, in that crotch u get suckers that just draw energy from the plant makin tomatos
take off the sand leaves, big guys with nothing on em, that drag on the ground.
And, don;t be afraid to hit em with fertilizer, like Miracle grow, & watch em double in size!
Water them once, really ,really well every 3 days if it;s really dry, like it is here.
Shallow quick watering does more harm than good, & don;t water at dusk, only in full sun. Late watering promotes diseases & good luck!
roger powell

Post Thu Jul 08, 2010 10:00 am 
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