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tranny swap

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tranny swap

Running a Lentech built AOD which was a great move for cruising without running the engine to 4K just to stay up with traffic.
a gear Vendor unit came along that was ordered, deposit payed & left for dead.
Always wanted one so ,out came the AOD & in went a 79 case fill C-4 built with all the right goodies & hooked to a long shaft Gear Vendor over/under drive.
Supposed bolt in, not!
fabbed a new tunnel, sub frame connectors from stock trans mount "wings" to crossmember just behind seat rails. To much to list here,
I am doing the complete tech. article for the Fairlaner.
Remember the first time you drove a car with a clutch?
Well, thats kinda like driving a GV equipped car,but, once you get onto it, to much fun!
An average C-4,shift from 1st to 2nd you drop 40% RPM, well ,most any auto trans is the same.
With a GV unit splitting gears you drop 18-20% rpm every shift for 6 shifts, so ,the engine is always in its sweet spot. If you play at a track, look at a full 18 seconds off your lap times!
If you are considering this swap, do go for the new electronics package that does the big shifts for you, so your not trying to coordinate your shifter with the GV button.
Switch to auto mode, so you just put the shifter in 3rd & it goes through the gears like a normal C-4 ,but with an added 4th gear .78 overdrive.
Switch to manual mode & shift 1st-1st 0ver,2nd, 2nd over & so on.
Cost ?- you could buy another F;lane!
fun factor? - Nothing like it!
Just make sure the rest of your driveline is up to it.
You will turn into a Micheal Shumacker!
roger powell

Post Mon May 15, 2006 1:04 pm 
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